Battle Pirates PC Game Download Free [Full Version]

Battle Pirates PC Game Download Free

Battle Pirates PC Game – Play For Free!

The Battle Pirates PC Game is an online multiplayer browser game, which was created by Polar Motion Games. In this game you have to join the pirate league and save the world from piracy using your powers of negotiations and diplomacy. Pirates are always on the lookout for new islands to colonize. Thus, your job is to stop the pirates from pillaging these islands and eventually eliminate them. However, each island has a certain weakness that can be used to your advantage and destroy the enemy’s stronghold. You have come to the right place TechRavo to Download Free Battle Pirates PC Game full version.

You have to select three different islands to start the game. Once you have saved the game, you then have to get ready for a fight as three pirate ships will appear on your screen and start sailing towards your location. You should therefore prepare yourself with your weapons, shields and flares as well as arm yourself adequately so that you can kill the enemy easily and save the islands from their destruction. The controls of the game are quite simple and intuitive, allowing all gamers to get an easy grip on it in no time. However, if you are still not confident enough, you could always download the demo version of Battle Pirates PC Game and test the waters before you spend real money on the full version.

Free Download Battle Pirates PC Game [Full Working]

If you do not want to lose your hard-earned money on the demo version, you could always look for the Battle Pirates PC Game for free download. There are many sources over the internet that offer a free download Battle Pirates PC Game, but it is important that you are able to verify the authenticity of the site that offers the game. The website where you plan to download Battle Pirates PC Game for free should also be legal and reputable one. It would also be beneficial if you could read some reviews of Battle Pirates PC Game so that you know what people think about it. After getting the demo or the Free Download Battle Pirates PC Game, you could then determine whether this online game is worth the time and money you are going to spend.


  • Customizable warships to fit your strategy
  • Build an impenetrable and efficient island fortress
  • Real-time battle
  • Over 50 combinations of ships
  • Open world, open-sea challenges

System Requirements

  • File Size: 2 Mb
  • Operating System: Windows 98/XP/Vista/7/8/10

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