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File uploader in Source Code

Free Download File Uploader in with Source Code

File Uploader on with the Source Code for free. You can use Free Download File Upload and Search Record like Google multiple files upload those words, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, people familiar with the name of the file can search the record: Author, Description. You can refer you got the information. This is one of my programs. This program allows you to upload your file, fast & simple. You can either upload it to the built-in server or your own server. This is really useful for someone who does not yet have an FTP server. It can give you a link to the uploaded file compatible with most forums. File Uploader can also give a link compatible with HTML also known as Hyperlink. You can choose to save youruilt-in server information, so next time you start this program it will automatically login using the server information stored on your pc. This is not a bad tool for someone who usually spends time on forums uploading files because all they have to do is drag their file or open with this program and press the upload button, and then press the forum button, copy-paste your link to most forums.

File Uploader in with Source Code

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