Folder Guard 2020 with License Key

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Folder Guard 2020 with License Key

Folder Guard Password Protection Software Latest Version

Folder guard license key is a software designed to defend and hide your personal folders from other users and save your important data away from spying eyes. with a powerful encryption algorithm, the folder guard license key protects your sensitive data from hackers and crackers that may cause you to withdraw your data. Arranging Folder Guard is a reasonably simple errand. There’s a committed authority to manage you through the entire procedure, enabling you to set up the secret key for the special organizer, as well as one for securing the application itself.

"Set password for folder"

If you’re attached to a public network (wireless or LAN), it is possible that people who connected to the same network can locate the files/folders on your PC which can be dangerous sometimes. Also, there is quite another possible mechanism through which unlawful persons could try to gain access to the documents or private folders on your PC. Therefore, you should install a security software program such as this to secure your important (or even all) files/folder with a passkey. Folder guard app lets you set limitations to avoid people from locating the files and folders on your PC without your consent/permission. Well, your OS may enable you to secure your files to some extent, but this is a more advanced tool to use if you’ve got a confidential file that must not be accessed by unauthorized persons. Even so, the app has an option that lets you hide your files/folders completely in a way that no one will ever see them in case they hack into your PC.

Password Protect Folders with Folder Guard

Control who can access your folders and files

With Folder Guard, we can restrict the access to some folders (for example, those of other users), files and even configuration menus. This software will enable us to deactivate the access to Control Panels or System Properties easily. Therefore we won't have to worry about anyone destroying the computer, whether intentionally or not.

What's more, if with think it necessary, we can also restrict the access to external units, this will enable us to deactivate both the CD/DVD drive, the USB connections, and the memory card, readers.

Folder Guard is a software application that is so difficult that it doesn't even allow us to encrypt the files that it is protecting, thus avoiding certain types of virus attacks.

 Protected with a password using this powerful application

Security is a great concern even in the virtual world. Since computers are home to most work-related documents and files, these need to be kept safe from unauthorized access. Your operating system helps you in this regard, but if you're looking for more advanced tools, Folder Guard might just be the right solution. Sporting an intuitive and clean interface and various features it promises to keep your data safe.

Intuitive interface lets you quickly accommodate

Not much effort is required to deploy it on your system, and after this is done you can bring up the main window. An update, flat feel greets you, with a large workspace and upper toolbar, as well as side panel being home to all available features.

Easy way to protect folders

As the name suggests, you can keep your folders, and not only, easily protected under the custody of Folder Guard. Dragging desired items over the main window is the easiest method that triggers a wizard, taking you through a series of steps. It lets you choose the type of Protection and its related settings.

More security tools to work with

In addition, you can set visibility to empty and hidden, as well as the possibility to modify permissions either to read-only or no access at all. This can be done with any folder even from removable storage devices.

Restrict multiple file types

The application lets you browse the content of your hard disk drive through its integrated file explorer for enhanced ease of access. Moreover, you can switch to a view that only displays Protected Folders for better management.

A useful feature lets you handle filters. For example, you can set all files of a specified extension to be inaccessible or protected with a password of your choice.

To end with

The bottom line is that Folder Guard is an application you might want to keep around especially if more people are using the same computer. Its ease of use and power of available features make it suitable for both at home and work environments, offering that extra sense of security you need.

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