Memrise Learn Languages Free Premium v2.94

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Memrise Learn Languages Free Premium v2.94

Memrise is better for language learning latest version 2020

Memrise Learn Languages Free Premium is the most comprehensive and most efficient language training app for Android, which has been published by Memrise Studio for free with in-app payments on Google Play. This app with over millions of downloads benefits you to learn English and other languages. Memrise Learn Languages Free includes over 100 +  languages for learning, SAT, GMAT, TESOL, TOEFL and GCSE, A-Level, IBAC courses. If you are looking for one of the best language training programs, we suggest you download the premium version of Memrise Learn Languages Free.

Memrise Learn Languages is one of the most useful language learning apps that use its society of users to teach and improve language learning for everyone involved. Applying Memrise app, you can begin learning languages such as English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Norwegian, Danish, Japanese, Korean, Icelandic, Slovenian, Arabic, Turkish, German, Swedish, Polish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, and Mongolian.

Memrise: Learn Languages Free

Memrise Learn Languages uses some inventive and easy way to remember words for learning English. The locus of this app is to help the users expand their dictionary by effectively learning English words. It uses audio, images, and memory procedures to help you associate words with one another for easier recall, as well as regular tests to ensure you're remembering the concepts. Memrise Learn Languages uses what's called "elaborate encoding" to help you remember various concepts. Instead of having you just read through words and their readings, and trying to memorize them in their raw form, it produces an association between the translation and words you are already intimate with. There are different ways Memrise tests you. For illustration, you may get a question/answer problem

Learn English Language with Memrise

Memrise Learn Languages supports over one hundred languages and yet other topics that you may learn. Among the popular languages are the equal that you may read using Memrise, but also others such as Japanese, regional languages, e.g. Spanish (Mexico), or Arabic. Memrise Learn Languages focuses heavily on learning words and phrases. Lessons begin usually with a couple of new words or phrases. These are proclaimed, explained, and you may add your own "mem" to them to better memorize the word or phrase.

Memrise 2.94_14629_memrise for Android Free Download

Memrise Learn Languages uses multiple-choice, readings that you type, or knowing what native speakers say. One strong feature of Memrise is that it exports with native speaker videos. This means that you will listen to a wide variety of native speakers while you learn the language. Free users gain access to three of the six different language learning modules, while pro users access to all six of them.

Learn Languages with Memrise - Spanish, Free Download

The three free modules are "learn new words",  "classic review" and "speed review". You learn new words in the first, strengthen already learned words and phrases in the second, and play a game of "quick answer" in the third.

Memrise pushes its Pro service as much as Duolingo pushes its.

Which should you pick? Duolingo or Memrise?

The answer to the question may amaze you. First of all, it depends on the language that you want to learn. Duolingo does not support as many languages as Memrise so that you are left with Memrise as the only option in those cases. If both support the language, I'd recommend you use them both. The benefit of doing so is that you are exposed to different learning methods, articulations, and systems. Memrise focuses a bit more on words and slogans, while you learn that and decisions when you use Duolingo. If you are in a hurry, you are probably making faster progress when you are using Memrise, as you learn conversational skills in the beginning for the most part. Both are not super useful when it comes to grammar though. As far as pro versions are concerned: you can get a Memrise Pro subscription for €23.50 per year, or a lifetime payment, and Duolingo Plus for €10.99 per month. Both paid versions support offline access to the app and an ad-free environment. Memrise adds access to the Pro only reading modules which improve the app significantly.

Memrise Learn Languages Features:

  1. An excellent training system for learning 44 words per hour
  2. Different language training, history, geography and more
  3. Having unique exercises for different courses
  4. Having flashcards
  5. Explain sentences and words for you with image and video and audio
  6. The user interface is very simple and without any malicious advertisements
  7. And many more.
  8. Memrise Learn Languages Free app now has a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 in the Google Play market and is one of the most popular language-learning apps.
  9. What is new in the 2.94-17800 version?
  10. Bug fixes + Various optimizations


1 – There are 200 languages available to learn: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Irish, Welsh, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Catalan, Icelandic, Polish, Russian, Arabic and so on!

2 – Internet connection is required!

How to install Memrise Learn Languages Free with Unlocked APK :

  • Download APK
  • Install
  • Enjoy!

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