Restaurant Ordering System in VB.Net With Source code

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Restaurant Ordering System in VB.Net With Source code Free Download

Restaurant Ordering System for free on VB.Net with source code. Integrated into the server. Point of sale system with touch screen developed in VB.Net. Restaurant Ordering System is used to reduce the time and effort related to the flow of outlets. This can help you downsize and make things centralized and professional. The Goal of any caterer is to serve as many guests during “Rush time” while at the same time your guests should not fill as you rushing them to finish their meal so the new guests could take their table.
How to achieve this goal??
The only thing that we could do to make an influence to increase productivity during the period of rush time is to shorten the time that is needed to take customer’s orders and bring it to the table. Besides the fast and efficient work in the kitchen and bar, you need to reduce your waiter’s moving, as he's walking to the cash register, time for entering orders in cash register and giving information about orders to staff in the bar or kitchen. Also, you should avoid that your waiters take 4-5 orders at once because this is the main reason why they often make a mistake about ordered food, and as result you lost your precious time or even worse, you lost your customer.

Restaurant Ordering System in VB.Net

Features of this System
• Touch screen restaurant automation system
• Thermal ticket printer support
• Fully Responsive Design
• Kiosk style usage
• User-friendly screens
• Unlimited users
• Unlimited tables
• Unlimited table screens
• Colored menu buttons with product thumbnails
• Unlimited number of menus
• Different menus for each department
• Unlimited number of price-lists
• Changing price lists at a certain time of day
• Partial ticket settlement
• Receiving payments by choosing items from ticket
• Flexible ticket designs
• Printing reports from a ticket printer

Restaurant Ordering System With Free Source Code

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