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TinyCam Pro Swiss knife to monitor IP cam

TinyCam Monitor Pro as time reached by, the progress of science and technology will be growing day by day So that you can even remotely control what is arriving at home or work office. TinyCam Monitor Pro is the name of a professional and different application in the field of controlling CCTV’s. TinyCam Monitor Pro developed by Tiny Solution LLC and published on Google Play for $3.99. With the help of this app, you can remotely manage and control your CCTV’s far away from home or your office with just obtaining the internet network. TinyCam Monitor Pro supports all types of IPCamera’s, DVR, Private CCTV networks, etc. You do not need to worry about your internet bandwidth usage. There is a various setting that enables users to optimize the received signal and select the quality of videos and pictures. One of the smartest articles of TinyCam is supporting for intelligent voice system so you can receive both voices and videos from your CCTV. All the protocols and communication ways are safe enough to protect you from smelling data. Now it’s time to download the latest version of TinyCam Monitor Pro with the Purchased version and all features from the techravo.com website.

TinyCam Monitor Pro Free IP Camera Viewer

TinyCam Monitor Pro Free IP Camera Viewer has an automatic user interface that is stiffened up by a user-friendly design and layout. App navigation is very easy and you can switch from one camera to the other by a simple tap on its preview window. Any connected cameras can be viewed on the home screen of this IP camera viewer. Adding the cameras is a simple process too. You just have to navigate to the 'Manage Cameras' window and then click the '+' icon located at the bottom-right corner of the screen. This segment can be accessed by clicking the button located on the home screen's top-left corner and then choosing the 'Manage Cameras' option from the drop-down menu that appears.

Free Download tinyCam Pro Swiss knife to monitor IP cam

TinyCam Monitor Pro IP camera viewer allows you to detect cameras in the neighborhood by giving a LAN scanner to you. You can find this scanner on the same menu which is provided for adding IP cameras and NVR/DVR. This LAN scanner will find webcams placed near you and let you view their feed with the tap of a button. You can add and view an unlimited number of cameras with this app. The cameras you add can be viewed collectively on the home screen in several different layouts. There is a Chain mode available as well which allows you to switch cameras automatically. If any of your cameras have PTZ articles enabled on it, you can use them to your advantage too.

Loaded with tons of features:

  • Intuitive interface. See the screenshots to appreciate the quality of the app.
  • 264 codec (SW and HW) support for FOSCAM HD models (FI9821W, FI9826W, FI9831P, etc.).
  • MPEG4/H264/H265 for many cams via RTSP protocol.
  • ONVIF Profile S 5,000+ cameras support.
  • P2P support.
  • M-JPEG devises the support of all major vendors (150+).
  • 2-way audio (talking and listening) for Amcrest, Axis, FOSCAM, Apexis, Loftek, Mobotix, Tenvis, Wanscam, Wansview, Hikvision, INSTAR, spam, and more on the way!
  • 1-way audio (listening) for D-Link, Edimax, Panasonic, SONY, Sharx Security, TRENDnet, Y-cam, Sricam (selective models).
  • SSL support (HTTPS protocol) for secured monitoring and encrypting credentials (digest authentication).
  • 14 different layouts with an unlimited number of cameras.
  • Control PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) enabled devices, i.e. Pixord, Vivotek.
  • Relay, LED control for some models.
  • 24/7 MP4 video recording (Android 4.3+) on local storage/SD card and JPEGs recording to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive) and FTP/FTPS server.
  • Sequence mode for automatic cameras switching.
  • Group cameras by tags.
  • Easy to use pinch to zoom for digital zooming.
  • Import/export settings to SD card or cloud service.
  • Support for any USB/laptop cams through 3d party software for PC/Mac (see FAQ).
  • Very CPU efficient.

Unique features:

  • Background recording. Make your own DVR! https://goo.gl/uQMR60
  • Time-lapse recording https://goo.gl/FMCPUL
  • Internal web server for remote archive access https://goo.gl/V7cKeE
  • Both in-app and on-camera motion detection (selective models). Make automatic recording or send an email on motion! https://goo.gl/0xr45K
  • Face detection.
  • LAN scanner for automatic cams detection. Have a camera IP address suddenly changed? It takes a couple of minutes to fully rescan your home network.
  • Audio real-time processing (squelch & alarm) for using it as a baby monitor with an audio graph.
  • Audio monitoring from multiple cameras at once.
  • Multiple background audio.
  • Sensors support (e.g. temperature sensor, humidity, etc.) for some cameras.
  • Cast to Android Wear. https://goo.gl/eZgaMt
  • Google Cast™ Ready (Chromecast). Video only. https://goo.gl/g1d8yz
  • TV interface.
  • Widgets and home shortcuts.
  • Floating windows.
  • Tasker/Locale automation plugin. https://goo.gl/lAvDdC


  • Added ‘Clear App Cache’ in-app Settings – Developer Settings.
  • Fixed widgets update for Android 8.0 and later. Be sure ‘Run widget in foreground’ enabled in-app Settings – Widget Settings.
  • Fixed reliable detection of Wyze and Neos cameras by network scanner.
  • Fixed broken ownCloud/NextCloud.
  • Fixed improperly recording stops causing memory leaks.
  • Fixed multiple crashes on some devices.
  • Fixed AI object detection reliability in background mode.

App Info:

  • App name : tinyCam Monitor PRO
  • Package Name : com.alexvas.dvr.pro
  • Developer: Tiny Solutions LLC
  • Apk Md5 : 53a84f860cd57e4e2ced462b3c17c32f
  • Apk Size :23.76 MB
  • Update on Play Store :January 8, 2020
  • Version Name & Code:14.1.1 – Google Play(5301)

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