Flight Ticket Reservation in PHP with source code

Flight Ticket Reservation

Flight Ticket Reservation with source code

Flight Ticket Reservation in C # .net windows application with complete source code and database Download for free. Flight ticket reservation is used to manage ticket records online. The flight ticket reservation is an automated system that is specially made for PHP and MySQL databases. You can download it. Totally free of cost This desktop 100% works seamlessly. Flight Ticket Reservation was developed using PHP and database text files. This software code is useful in academic projects for final year students. We have a great collection of PHP projects with source code. We simplify your visa application and make it easy for you to complete your visa requirements. Every year thousands of people make the expensive mistake of booking a full-price plane ticket or hotel booking without their approved visas. Don’t make the same mistake! Almost all embassies DO NOT require travelers like you to book a plane ticket or hotels for their visa application.
Flight Ticket Reservation we are a DTI-accredited travel agency specializing in helping travelers like you simplify your visa application. We provide a confirmed flight itinerary for the Schengen visa application or for all kinds of visa applications. We book flights tickets WORLDWIDE. We issue a flight itinerary with a PNR number or unique booking code which you can verify directly at the airline website. We also offer hotel reservations, train reservations, and affordable travel insurance to complete your visa requirements. You can easily order the service in minutes and your flight reservation will be sent directly to your inbox in 3 hours or less so you can focus on planning your best trip ever. We are open 24/7 to serve you with live chat support. Check out a sample flight reservation and learn how to check the validity of a flight reservation online in minutes.

Flight Ticket Reservation in PHP

1. SignUp As customer
2. Login
3. Book Ticket
4. Print Ticket
5. Check PNR

Flight Ticket Reservation in PHP with source code free download

1. List Flights
2. Arrange Flights
3. Add Flights
4. Schedule Flights
5. Check Booked Tickets
For Admin login
Username: Admin
Password: Admin
For Customer Login

o Username: SANCHIT
o Password: 123456



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