Online Doctor Appointment System in c# with source code

Online Doctor Appointment System in c# with source code Free Download

Online Doctor Appointment System for doctors, clinics and large hospitals built up on Php with CodeIgniter framework. This open-source scheduling system is built upon PHP with the CodeIgniter framework. With the ease of configuration and personalization, Book My Doc is the best tool for both doctors and patients. This is a powerful medical doctor appointment scheduling software to meet all challenges that may surface during your appointment scheduling and hospital management. This online doctor appointment booking software is user-friendly at both front and back ends, which means that the process of booking appointments and scheduling management of Book My Doc is easy for both the doctors and patients. For attracting new patients, a medical practice must adopt digitization. By using Book My Doc makes a start to provide digital healthcare. Full-stop specializes in developing Online Doctor Appointment Solutions for doctors, hospitals and nursing homes. Our portfolio includes some of the high-performing appointment booking solutions for leading organizations. We combine our technical skills and innovative ideas to deliver a solution that meets your requirements in the best possible way. The solutions delivered by us eliminate the gap between patients and doctors. They give patients the flexibility to book their appointment with the doctor in their neighborhood. Online Doctor Appointment System highly experienced team of developers understands your requirements well and delivers a solution that is up-to-the-mark. The proposed project is a smart appointment booking system that provides patients or any user an easy way of booking a doctor’s appointment online. This is a web-based application that overcomes the issue of managing and booking appointments according to the user’s choice or demands. The task sometimes becomes very tedious for the compounder or doctor himself in manually allotting appointments for the users as per their availability. Hence this project offers an effective solution where users can view various booking slots available and select the preferred date and time. The already booked space will be marked yellow and will not be available for anyone else for the specified time. This system also allows users to cancel their booking anytime. The system provides an additional feature of calculating the monthly earnings of a doctor. The doctor has to just feed the system regularly with daily earnings and the system automatically generates a report of the total amount earned at the end of the month. The application uses as a front-end and SQL database as the back-end.

Online Doctor Appointment System in c# with source code


Key Features

Search Module
Appointment Booking
Check-in form Submitting
Appointment management
Schedule a timing (leave, Vacation, etc)
Past appointment Management
Ratings and Reviews
Admin Features

Online Doctor Appointment System in c# 

Admin has overall control of the system. The main features of the admin module are given below.

Manage appointments
Manage Patient
Manage doctors
View Appointments statistics
Rating Details



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